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Press Release: Announcing the Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer

Turner Designs today announced the Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer. Trilogy is a compact, multifunctional laboratory instrument that uses snap-in Application Modules to measure fluorescence, absorbance and turbidity. Trilogy features a Touch-Panel graphics user interface for intuitive operation and calibration. Eighteen named calibrations can be stored by Trilogy significantly saving calibration time.

Fluorescence modules are available for chlorophyll a, (extractive acidification and non-acidification plus in vivo), rhodamine and fluorescein dye, cyanobacteria (phycocyanin and phycoerythrin pigments), CDOM and ammonium. For extracted chlorophyll measurements using EPA 445, Trilogy automatically calculates the concentration using the filtered and solvent volumes. The Turbidity Module uses an IR LED with a wavelength of 860 nm to meet ISO 7027 requirements for Turbidity water quality measurements.

Turner Designs Spreadsheet Interface Software is included to provide real time display and logging of data to an Excel spreadsheet.

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