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New C6P enables up to 6 Integrated Sensors

Turner Designs’ new C6P Submersible Sensor package enables up to six sensors in a corrosion resistant, highly durable, Delrin plastic housing able to withstand the harshest of environments and rated to a depth of 600 meters.  Modeled after the popular C3, the C6P can be configured with up to 6 optical sensors ranging from deep UV to IR.  An anti-fouling copper plate and mechanical wiper are available as options to minimize bio-fouling on and around the sensors.  Each C6P comes with a factory-installed temperature sensor; factory-installed depth sensors are available.  Large internal data storage, low power requirements, and a high-capacity external submersible lithium ion battery allow for long-term deployments. .  Standard optical kits are available for detecting: in vivo Chlorophyll (blue or red), Crude Oil, Refined Fuels, CDOM/FDOM (dissolved organic material), Blue/Green Algae, Fluorescein Dye, Rhodamine Dye, PTSA Dye, Optical Brighteners, Tryptophan, and Turbidity.  The C6P can also be configured with custom optics for specific applications.

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