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Press Release: The first solid-state Submersible Active Fluorometer with high precision and a low price point

PhytoFlash Submersible Active FluorometerThe PhytoFlash is the first solid state (patent pending) in situ variable fluorescence system that will detect the quantum efficiency of phytoplankton in both oligotrophic and mesotrophic environments.

Unlike other active fluorometers, researchers can determine real-time in situ physiological parameters of phytoplankton in low chlorophyll systems at a fraction of the price. PhytoFlash’s increased sensitivity allows users to obtain physiological parameters in coastal, open ocean and freshwater systems.

PhytoFlash can be operated in three different modes. The Self-Contained Mode allows users to deploy PhytoFlash for extended periods of time in conjunction with the Turner Designs battery pack and internal data logging capabilities. The Integration Mode enables PhytoFlash to mate with a CTD or third-party system. Finally the Laboratory Mode allows users to access data from response curves for additional physiological information.

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