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We have been having some issues with variable readings and high blanks. We'll often use filtered seawater as our blank, but the values for this blank have risen quite a bit in the last month. Further, they have been quite variable (300% or 66%, dependin
This may indicate that the Basic Operating Level of the 10-AU needs adjusting.  Refer to the steps listed in this section to set this.  The other thing that could cause this is opto-electrical in nature. 

•    Has this unit ever been serviced?

•    If you look inside the optic area and identify the polarizers, do they appear faded?
•    If this is the case, the 10AU may need to come back to the factory for servicing.  The filters that you are using may also be degrading. 

•    Are they more than 6 years old?  As the filters degrade, they will allow more wavelengths of light to pass through, causing instability.  There are several things that can cause variable readings, check the sensitivity first then the polarizers and filters next. 

•    A dying lamp can also cause problems, they typically last for about 8000 hrs.  If you have a spare, you can also replace this.