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How does changing the Basic Operation Level affect the sensitivity of the 10AU?
When you go through the steps of setting the basic operating level of the 10AU you are setting the sensitivity of the instrument.  This is achieved by the use of two pie-shaped pieces of polarizer material in the optical compartment of the 10AU.  These can be seen by removing the front cover of the 10-AU and looking in the lower right-hand side of the optics compartment.  There is a light pipe wrapped in black electrical tape that is used to provide feedback to the PMT.  The polarizers increase or decrease the amount of reference light that is going back to the PMT.  The more light that is allowed to flow through the light pipe as a reference the lower the sensitivity and conversely the more light that is obstructed by the polarizer assembly the higher the sensitivity.  A good way to think about it is, in a dark room (more polarizer effect), it is easier to see smaller (lower concentrations) points of light.  I would encourage you to take the front cover off the 10AU and look in the compartment to the right of the lamp.  If you loosen the sensitivity set screw and turn the adjustment you will be able to see the piece of polarizer turning on the adjustment shaft.