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What is the location of the set screw and sensitivity screw on the 10AU?
The sensitivity adjustment actually consists of two different set points.  The 1st is a "set-screw".  The set screw is used for locking in the main adjustment once you have the reading where you want it.  The set screw is located just to the left of the keypad (there is an allen wrench that is stored in the unit by the red power light/switch).  When this set screw is turned counter clockwise and loosened, you will be able to adjust the sensitivity screw.  The 2nd is the actual "sensitivity adjustment screw".  It is located to just to the left of the red power indicator and allen wrench storage.  When the set screw is loosened with your fingers you can slowly turn this screw while viewing screen 3.2 the FS% value will change.