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I get the following 10AU Error message: “Some NVRAM data are Corrupted”, and incorrect system clock readings. What does it mean and how can I fix it?
If this error message is received, first try to do a NVRAM reset by doing the following:

1)     Write down your current settings, for example the Calibration at the Screen 2 Calibration, your temperature compensation values at screen 1.7, also pressing the Back Arrow key from the Home page gives you the Full Scale Concentration values.

2)     Go to diagnostic screen 3.2 and press the following five keys *0521

3)     Select item 3, Reset NVRam

4)     Press the 0 key ten times and you will see the display flash and go back to the initial start up screen.

At this point, the memory has been reset, so you need to re-enter the setting values you noted in Step 1 above and prepare to re-calibrate the unit.
If the error message is received again after the power is cycled, then the NVRAM needs replacing.
The NVRAM chip contains the real-time clock functions and internal battery that typically lasts about 8 years or so.  When the battery inside the chip fails, it is necessary to replace the NVRAM.
When the error is displayed on power-up, if you press the 1 key (restore default) it will perform a memory refresh and sometimes temporarily helps until the power is turned off / on again.  Turner Designs offers a NVRAM replacement kit. It is part number 10-AU-460.  To purchase the NVRAM replacement kit contact Turner Designs at 1-877-316-8049.