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Is it possible to change out the 10AU Datalogger memory?
The battery for the IDL memory typically lasts for more than 6 years.  If your 10AU is over 6 years old and has the IDL option, you may want to consider having the battery for the IDL replaced.  If the 10AU is not holding IDL data after the unit has been powered down, then the smartsocket should be changed out.  The battery module is made in a socket type configuration.  For assistance with installation contact Turner Designs Technical Support at 1-877-316-8049.  Pricing and availability can be provided by our accessory department.  Many customers also choose to order the NVRAM replacement kit at the same.  This service can also be provided by our repair department if you choose not to do the replacement yourself.
    Replacement Datalogger Chip 005-0244