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What can I do if my 10AU Temperature Compensation is not working?
If you purchased the temperature compensation package for your 10-AU then screen 1.7 should be available to you.  The screen numbers on the 10-AU are located at the bottom right hand corner of the display once you enter the main menu section.  One reason for not being able to see screen 1.7 is if the temperature probe is not connected.  The temperature probe connects to a small port covered with a protective cap on the front bottom left side of the unit. Once the probe is connected screen 1.7 will be visible to you.  If you connect the probe and the temperature compensation screens are still not visible to you, check the connector to make sure that it is fully seated.  Also, check the pins on the male end of the probe to make sure they are not bent or broken.  There should be four pins total on the temperature probe.