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Is there an Emergency Data Recovery function for the 10AU?

One way to recover data files that have been corrupted in the 10AU is to use the older DOS version software (IDL_1B1).  Select the "Download Electronic Chart Recorder from Instrument to File" in the software and the files can be downloaded one page at a time.  See the 10AU users manual, Appendix 11, Section F.  When you are viewing the data via the ECR (Electronic Chart Recorder), at the bottom of the screen (on the 10AU) you will see <1> <2> <3> pg up <4> <6>pg down <9> , when you hit the <9> key on the 10AU it will send that page of data to the IDL_1B1 program.  If you have multiple pages of data it can take a bit of time to do it this way.  After the data has been recovered, do an "Erase data from memory" on the 10-AU.  This should clear out the corruption.  When logging data, the logging should be "stopped" before power is removed.

NOTE: This emergency recovery program will not install/run on a PC that is running a 64-bit version of Windows 7.