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What is the length of time a 10AU will run on an auto battery?
The following results were achieved under specific testing conditions, your results may vary.
Tested Car battery used with 10-AU.  New Lead-acid battery fully charged.  Rated at 675, Cranking amps (CA) and 540 Cold cranking amps (CCA)
The 10-AU ran for approximately 48 hours before the 10AU Power indicator went to 0 %.
Started with Volts = 12.6 v.  After running almost 48 hours, volts = 11.3 v, power level = 88%. Turned off overnight – restarted power level = 84% and 2 hours later was 61%, then dropped to 48% in another hour and 10-AU was off an hour after that. Batt. Volts = 9.6v