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How do I enable ASCII data output from my C6?
There is a specific series of steps that needs to be followed in order to enable ASCII data output from a C6 instrument:

1)     You must begin C-Soft, establish a connection between your C6 and computer.
2)     Follow instructions in the User’s Manual on how to set up datalogging for your C6.
3)     Once datalogging has been set up and enabled, C-Soft will automatically shut down, right after C-Soft closes you must disconnect power from the C6.
4)     With the power disconnected and the C-Soft program shut down you must follow instructions on how to set up a HyperTerminal connection.
5)     Once HyperTerminal is set up and a connection has been established with your computer, connect the power to the instrument and wait at least a minute and a half or the predetermined time that was set during datalog set up for data to begin scrolling at your set sampling interval.