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I have been requested to perform chlorophyll analysis in samples with very high algae biomass. As long as the calibration curve is set for such high values, is the equipment (and the fluorometric method) adequate for high chlorophyll reading?
Yes, the fluorometer is capable of reading up to these levels assuming the instrument has been calibrated in such a way to provide the dynamic range you need.  There will be a point when the readings become non-linear.  As long as you can calibrate the instrument with several points in this non-linear range, the instrument will provide accurate results.  You can use up to five calibration standards with the TD-700.  This allows you to calibrate the instrument beyond the linear range.  For example, if you want to calibrate to 500µg/l, you could use 20, 100, 250, 400, and 500 µg/L standards.  This would allow the instrument to create a calibration curve and automatically correct unknown samples that are beyond the linear range of the instrument.  Of course you could do this manually as well if you chose to, in which case you would only need to use one standard that is within the linear range of the instrument when calibrating.