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What causes a high sensitivity reading on the TD-700?
A high sensitivity 'condition' can occur when no light reaches the detector.  Ideally, you want the % sensitivity to be in the range of 15% to 40%.  If you are using the minicell, up to 60% is acceptable.  There are a few possibilities for experiencing a high sensitivity listed below.

•    The lamp is not on or not installed.  Check the back panel of the TD-700 to see if there is any light shining through the lamp port.  If not, check the lamp.  Make sure that the lamp pins are fully seated in the upper/lower socket connections.  Also, the lamp will not turn on if the 'black' latches on the back of the TD-700 lamp door are not fully pushed in.  There is an interlock switch that prevents the lamp from energizing if the lamp door is not installed correctly.

•    The 10x10 cuvette sample adapter is in backwards.  Notice on the top of the adapter where you hold it that one side is in the shape of an arrow.  This must point to the left, toward the silver dot on the TD-700.  If it is pointing to the right you will see this error message.

•    The filters and or filter cylinder are not installed correctly.  Excitation and Emission filters are reversed or you are using the wrong lamp.  If the filters are installed correctly, make sure the filter cylinder is installed so that the letter matching the position where the filters are installed is upright and located on the left edge of the filter cylinder aligned with the silver dot on the TD-700.
r range of the instrument when calibrating.