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What can I do if the TD-700 Lamp will not illuminate?
Here are some things to check if the lamp on your TD-700 will not come on.  
•    Make sure that the lamp is properly seated.  If the lamp is not properly seated, it will not illuminate.
•    If you have a spare lamp you should try the spare.
•    The TD-700 is equipped with a kill switch safety device that is designed to eliminate accidental exposure to UV light.  If you have equipped your TD-700 with a UV lamp use extra caution to avoid eye contact with UV light.  The kill switch is deactivated by a nylon plunger assembly that secures the lamp cover and fan assembly to the back of the TD-700. The nylon plungers are designed for durability but over time, especially if the lamps are changed often, they may wear out.  The top plunger assembly is the one that actually holds the switch in the closed position.  If one or both plunger assemblies have worn out you can order these replacement parts from Turner Designs accessory department at 1-877-316-8049.  A picture below shows the location of these two components.  Observe all proper electrical safety regulations when replacing the plunger assembly. Do not work on energized equipment.