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What concentrations of Fluorescein can be detected with the TD-700?
The Model TD-700 (PN 7000-009) equipped with the Fluorescein Optical kit (PN 10-086R) will detect Uranine and Fluorescein dyes in the linear range of concentrations of 0.1 to 300 µg/L using either 10 mm square cuvettes or 13 x 100 mm round test tubes.

The 7000-009 comes equipped with an Adaptor for 10 mm square cuvettes.
If you want to use 13 mm Round tubes, then you need to also order the PN 7000-981, 13 mm Test tube adaptor.  These adaptors are inserted into the TD-700 so that you can easily interchange between both sizes.  The minimum sample volumes for the 10 mm square cuvettes is 2 mL and for the 13 mm tubes is 3.6 mL.

One last note, the pH of the samples can impact the sample’s fluorescence signal, but the pH of the sample can be adjusted to reverse this effect, if required.
Fluorescein is more pH-sensitive than Rhodamine dyes.  Fluorescence drops very sharply at pH values below 6.5.  For optimum results, pH should be between 6.5 and 10.