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How do I attach the SCUFA to a CTD?
Two pieces of hardware are required to integrate a SCUFA with a CTD - an integration cable and a mounting bracket.  If possible, the integration should be conducted by the CTD manufacturer.  If this is not possible, you must contact the appropriate cable/connector vendor to have an integration cable made that will allow communication between the fluorometer and CTD.  An integration cable consists of two in-line connectors, locking sleeves and a cable of specified length, usually 3-4 feet.

The in-line connector required for the SCUFA is an Impulse 8-pin, female connector (Impulse P/N: MIL-8-FS), the locking sleeve is P/N MCDLS/F.  The maximum cable length is 50m.

The bulkhead connector on the SCUFA is Impulse P/N:MCBH-8-MS.
The wiring for the SCUFA bulkhead connector is as follows:

1    V Batt +
2    V Batt –
3    RS-232 ground
4    RS-232 T1 Out
5    RS-232 R1 In
6    V Out 1
7    V Out 2
8    ground