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Are there some steps I can take to troubleshoot my SCUFA?
The following are some common problems and solutions to diagnose your SCUFA:


Possible Cause

Possible Solution

The SCUFA will not communicate with SCUFAsoft program

The COM port may be in use by another program.

Check your PC setting to make sure that the correct COM port is selected. Check wiring between the PC and SCUFA to make sure that everything is connected correctly. Check to see that the SCUFA is powered.

The SCUFA will not power up.

The connector may not be fully seated

Check your connections to the SCUFA and refer to Appendix D of the manual.

The SCUFA is making erratic or incorrect readings.

This can be caused by an incorrect calibration.

To check calibration refer to page 11 of the SCUFA manual regarding recalibration.

The SCUFA has no Analog 0 to 5V DC output.

If the internal datalogging is activated there may be no Analog output.

Turn off internal logging.

The time and date on data is incorrect.

The PC clock may be incorrect

Reset your PC time and date. This is transferred from your PC while linked to the SCUFA.

The SCUFA will not detect low concentrations.

The optics on the SCUFA may be dirty.

Rinse the optics with fresh water and dry with Kim wipes or non-abrasive lens paper.

The Flow Cap on my SCUFA is leaking.

This can be caused by incorrect tubing or running at water pressure >10psi.

You should use 1/2" ID tubing when using a flow cap.

My chlorophyll extractive readings do not match my calculated values.

This can be caused by incorrect usage of standard and or calibration.

Match the solid standard and a known primary standard and recalibrate.

My Solid Secondary Standard readings keep changing.

This can be caused by dirty optics or your Solid Secondary Standard adjustment has changed

Verify the solid secondary standard as compared to a known standard and clean the optics

Data is not being collected by the IDL

This can be caused by not turning on data logging.

Make sure the IDL icon turns blue and is activated.