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How do I set the 0-5V outputs?
Setting the 5V to a value greater than the 0V activates analog calibration for the channel of interest - fluorescence and/or turbidity.  When analog output is activated, the Internal Data Logging (IDL), if purchased, is automatically disabled and the IDL screen will be faded out.
Activating the analog signal output should follow instrument calibration.  By calibrating first, you can then set the 0V and 5V to calibrated values.  For example, if you calibrated with a 10ppb solution and know that you will not exceed 100ppb in the field, you can set 5V to equal 100.  By doing this you can optimize the resolution and accuracy of your analog data and interpret your analog data with a calibration coefficient.  In this example, the calibration coefficient would be 20 (5V = 100ppb, 0.5V = 10ppb).
Once set, the analog output will be activated upon the next power up as long as the unit is not connected to the portable computer.