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C-Soft Firmware Upgrade & Software Download

C-Soft Firmware Upgrade & Software Download for C6P Submersible Fluorometer Firmware version 2.1 does not allow data output to continue when the instrument’s memory is full. We revised the current firmware and released version 2.2 allowing users to continue capturing data output even though the memory’s maximum capacity has been reached. We recommend all C6P users to upgrade to firmware version 2.2 enabling this feature and keeping up to date with the latest functions available for the C6P Submersible Fluorometer.

Firmware Update
• Easy to download - firmware upload instructions
• TI Downloader Program (required for uploading firmware; 2.3MB)
• C-Soft Hex File Version 2.2 (0.03MB)

C-Soft Software Download
• Easy to download - software installation instructions
• C-Soft Software Version 2.1 (90.8 MB)

Please contact Technical Support if you have questions.