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Integrating with Campbell Dataloggers

Turner Designs and Campbell Scientific worked together to help our customers easily integrate the C3 Submersible Fluorometer with any of the CR800 or CR1000 series dataloggers.  Simply follow the steps below to quickly get your datalogger set up and begin data logging:

1) Download the .txt file that pertains to your datalogger series (see links below)
2) Upload that file to your Campbell Datalogger
3) Run the program using your Campbell Datalogger
4) Enable the 'Data Output Ready Mode' on our instrument (this will allow streaming of ASCII data at the set sample interval)
5) Plug our instrument into the datalogger and watch data stream or capture data using your datalogger

(NOTE: Be sure to use the 'Integration Cable' or 'Integration/Interface Adapter Cable' to plug our C3 Submersible Fluorometer into your datalogger; using the Standard Interface Cable may result in the loss of data or inability to communicate with your datalogger)

For CR800 Series Campbell Dataloggers: (0.001MB)
For CR1000 Series Campbell Dataloggers: (0.001MB)

If you have any questions about whether this firmware is right for your application or other questions please contact Technical Support.