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Integrator Firmware

Turner Designs announces the release of a new version of our Integrator Firmware. This firmware is designed for use by customers
that are integrating their C3 with an external datalogger, CTD or similar system. The Integrator Firmware is different from the
standard C3 firmware and has some features that users need to consider before installing:

1) Internal datalogging is NOT possible with this version of firmware. The Integrator Firmware is intended for data output only.
2) The data output rate defined by this Integrator Firmware is 1 second and cannot be changed to reflect longer or shorter data output
3) Once power is applied there is a 15 second delay before data output starts at a 1 second interval.
4) If the wiper is enabled, it will rotate the set number of rotations upon powering the instrument and every 5 minutes as long as power is
 continuously supplied.  
5) Sleep mode is disabled; therefore as long as power is continuously supplied the instrument will continue to stream data at a 1 second

Download Firmware
Integrator Firmware Hex File - 2200-202-FW (0.031MB)

Technical Note: Integrator Firmware fact sheet for Continuous Data Capture

If you have any questions about whether this firmware is right for your application or other questions please contact Technical Support.