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SMART Protocol

View SMART Protocol Overview

The equipment required for Special Monitoring of Applied Response Technologies (SMART) protocol is as follows and can be obtained directly from Turner Designs or one of our authorized distributors:

- C3 Submersible Fluorometer configured with Crude Oil Optics (P/N 2300-000)
       (Note: other optic channels, such as Refined Fuels, CDOM or Turbidity can also be added. The maximum number of channels per C3 is three.)
- C3 pressure sensor (P/N 2300-360)
- Oil Spill Firmware (P/N 2200-201-FW)
- C-ray Towed Deployment Body (P/N 2300-750)
- C-ray Shade Cap (P/N 2300-502)
- 25 Meter Extender Cable (P/N 105-2596)
- Boosters (P/N 2200-900)
- 12 VDC Power Supply Adapter (P/N 2900-151)
- Continuous Data Cable (P/N 2200-160)
- SMART Laptop PC with SMART Software Package Installed, Operation Guide and Equipment Configuration, Set Up and Functional Test (P/N 2300-120)
         Note: Customer must supply Portable 12V Power Supply.  Contact Turner Designs for specifications