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DataBank Datalogger

Software Version 3.14 and Firmware Version 3.14 Install or Upgrade

CAUTION: Make sure that the DataBank battery is fully charged before attempting upgrade.

Customers who received the DataBank Handheld Datalogger prior to March 1, 2018 are strongly recommended to upgrade their current software and firmware versions to the latest revisions using the link below.

These upgrades will not affect calibration values or data stored on your DataBank instruments.  The new revisions allow users to select either fast or slow charging of the internal battery.  Slow charging is recommended for extending battery life.  Users are not required to change their normal operation of the DataBank.

DataBank Software Version 3.14 and Firmware Version 3.14
Easy to download - Install or Upgrade Instructions

NOTE:  Some customers may receive error messages when installing the DataBank software.  This occurs because the install process looks for program files that already exist on Windows computers.  If you don't have the required files for the install process to complete, they will automatically be installed.  If newer versions of program files used for the install process are found on your computer, you will get a prompt asking if you would like to Abort, Retry, or Ignore.  We suggest hitting ignore so your current files remain intact.  You may need to click Ignore three times during the install process. 

Please contact our Technical Support department if you have questions.

USB Serial Adaptor Cable Information

Currently many of the new computers only have USB ports for Serial communication, they have eliminated the older style 9 pin serial connectors, known as DB9 connectors. Turner Designs still supplies Fluorometers and cables with these DB9 serial connectors. If you want to use the USB port on your computer to connect to our Fluorometers, you will need to purchase one of these USB Serial Adaptor Cables. We have developed and tested a Communication Integration Cable that works with our instruments.  View Product
Please contact our Technical Support department if you have questions.