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Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer

Trilogy Software and Driver Downloads

Customers who own a Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer with serial number (721000000) or higher are now able to stream data via USB connection.  To use this feature, specific drivers will need to be installed on your PC or computer (not available for MACs).  Download the Trilogy USB Driver folder by clicking on the link below.  Click on the Easy to download – Installation instructions link below to download instructions that will help guide you through the Driver and Software installation process. 

Trilogy USB Driver folder (zip 1.08mb)
Easy to download - Installation Instructions

To capture data, you will need to install Trilogy Software which can be downloaded using the link below: 
Setup.exe file (zip 6.55mb)

Please contact our Technical Support department if you have questions.

USB Serial Adaptor Cable Information

Currently many of the new computers only have USB ports for Serial communication, they have eliminated the older style 9 pin serial connectors, known as DB9 connectors. Turner Designs still supplies Fluorometers and cables with these DB9 serial connectors. If you want to use the USB port on your computer to connect to our Fluorometers, you will need to purchase one of these USB Serial Adaptor Cables. We have developed and tested a Communication Integration Cable that works with our instruments.  View Product
Please contact our Technical Support department if you have questions.