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CyanoWatch Online Fluorometer FAQ

What causes the CyanoWatch to give negative readings?

There are two possible reasons that the CyanoWatch is displaying a negative number.

1.    If the liquid that is being measured generates a response lower than original blank, you will read a negative number.  If this is the case, you may need to re-calibrate using a different blank solution.
2.    Another possible cause for negative readings might be a fouled flowcell.  The CyanoWatch has an optical compensation that will correct for biofouling up to a certain point.  Without cleaning, biofilm can continue to grow and it will at some point become thick enough to interfere with fluorescent readings.  Clean the flowcell and recalibrate as directed in page 10 of the operation manual.  If there is heavy biofouling follow the additional cleaning instructions on page 16 of the operation manual.

What is the maximum impedance for the 4 to 20mA output for the CyanoWatch?

The maximum impedance load the 4-20 mA output can handle is 1Kohm.

What is the concentration of Rhodamine WT used in the CyanoWatch Calibration kit P/N 6500-900?

The CyanoWatch calibration solution is a concentration of 400ppb Rhodamine WT (2-500mL bottles).  The kit also includes syringes and cleaning brushes.  For pricing and availability contact Turner Designs Accessories at 1-877-316-8049.
Note: For Phycocyanin instruments, dilute the Turner Designs Calibration Solution to 100 ppb concentration (4:1 dilution) with distilled or De-ionized water. For Phycoerythrin instruments, dilute Turner Designs Calibration Solution to a concentration of 10 ppb (40:1) with distilled or De-ionized water.

How do you set the background % value for the CyanoWatch?

The CyanoWatch operation manual gives an overview of how to determine the background % value based on a default calibration standard value of 500.  It lists the following formula for use in determining the background value.  It is valid ONLY if the calibration standard value is still set at 500.
Filtrate fluorescence (x) / 5 = Background Fluorescence %

Another way to calculate the background fluorescence is the following:

Filtrate fluorescence (x) / Standard Value x 100

To determine filtrate fluorescence, filter a water sample through a GF/F or membrane filter to remove all algal cells. Then inject the filtrate into the CyanoWatch to get the filtrate’s fluorescence response. NOTE: The CyanoWatch must be calibrated prior to this step.

How can I connect my CyanoWatch to a computer when there are no serial ports available?

If you do not have a serial port available on your computer you can connect your CyanoWatch to an available USB port.  USB to serial adapters are available at most major electronics vendors.  These adapters will come with driver software.  You will want to make sure that the driver is installed and operating properly before you test your system out.  To verify operation you can use a communication program such as hyperterminal to verify the connection.

What does the CyanoWatch Flowcell Cleaning Brush P/N 6000-350 look like?

Please refer to the picture below:

What does the CyanoWatch Basket Strainer P/N 119-0103 look like?

Please refer to the picture below:

What are the specifications for the CyanoWatch?