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Cyclops-7F Sensors with Titanium Housing

Our Cyclops sensors are analog output fluorometers that output voltage only, data can be collected via any datalogger that accepts a 0-5 volt analog signal. Our DataBank Datalogger, compatible with our entire Cyclops line, provides easy data collection in the field.

Cyclops sensors can be powered using any 3-15 volt power source. The analog sensors can output measurements as long as there is power supplied. The DataBank allows for continuous measurements at a maximum sample rate of 1 second.

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We recommend plastic or titanium housing sensors for use in marine environments.

Cyclops-7F Sensors with Titanium Housing
Part Numbers:

2110-000-CT Chlorophyll Optics
2110-000-DT Red Excitation Chlorophyll Optics
2110-000-RT Rhodamine WT Optics
2110-000-FT Fluorescein Optics
2110-000-PT Phycocyanin Optics
2110-000-EG Phycoerythrin Optics
2110-000-UT CDOM/FDOM Optics
2110-000-OT Crude Oil Optics
2110-000-BT Optical Brighteners Optics
2110-000-AT PTSA Optics
2110-000-GT Refined Fuels Optics
2110-000-LT Tryptophan Optics
2110-000-TT Turbidity Optics

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