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Cyclops Explorer

Cyclops Explorer
  • Cyclops Explorer
  • Cyclops Explorer
Part Number: 2100-485
Cyclops Explorer

The Cyclops Explorer is a handy tool when using Cyclops-7F or Cyclops-6K Submersible Sensors in the lab. Plugging directly into the USB port on a computer, the Explorer guides the user through simple GUI controls to analyze samples, determine limits of detection, check instrument stability, or simply become familiar with how to use Cyclops functions.

• Fixed or Auto Ranging options
• Graphical and tabular data view
• Data logging enabled
• Single data point capture for time series analysis of samples
• User defined sample intervals

Possible Applications:
• Record productivity of algal cultures or samples by creating a time series of fluorescence responses
• Estimate dye concentrations in lab samples using either discrete or continuous measurements
• Explore how changes in physical, chemical, or biological water parameters affect fluorescent properties of algae or other materials

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Technical Note:
Using the Cyclops Explorer for Direct Concentration Calibration of the Cyclops Submersible Sensor

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