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fluorometer Instrument Donation Program: Turner Designs is offering one Trilogy and two AquaFluor Fluorometers annually!
fluorometer Case Studies: Real data from Real users!
Submersible CDOM Cyclops-7: Application Note: Calibration and Performance Data
Submersible Active Fluorescence: PhytoFlash: Interpretation of the Yield (Fv/Fm)
Detecting Oil in Water: Application Note
Optical Brighteners: Application Note
fluorometer Trilogy Development Kit
Tom's Corner: Trilogy Questions and Answers
Upcoming Events: View Our Upcoming Tradeshows
Knowledge Data Base: Search our database for technical questions
Turner Designs is known for superior support, a wealth of knowledge and application resources. With our expanding sensor development and new applications we have updated our resources to include new application notes, updated case studies and a new instrument donation program.

In this TD Newsletter edition we would like to highlight application notes that describe the theory and methodology of CDOM, optical brighteners and crude oil applications. We have also updated our Case Studies webpage that highlights Real Results from Real Users. This is a great resource if you would like to learn how researchers are currently using Turner Designs instrumentation. The Case Studies webpage includes our entire line of laboratory and submersible sensors spanning multiple applications. In addition we are excited to announce our new Instrument Donation Program designed to offer laboratory and handheld fluorometers to researchers. We're accepting applications now!

We are always striving to update our resources to assist customers with practical applications and operation of our instrumentation. Please let us know if there are additional resources that will enhance your knowledge and operation of our instruments.

Yours Truly,
Chelsea Donovan

Environmental Marketing Manager

New Instrument Donation Program

Turner Designs is offering one Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer and two AquaFluor Handheld
fluorometerFluorometers annually. We have developed the Instrument Donation Program in an effort to assist non-profit, governmental, and academic institutions in obtaining the instruments needed for aquatic research and/or monitoring. We hope our program will assist institutions with limited funding in continuing to conduct research and monitoring.

Click here to fill out an application today. The first deadline for one Trilogy or one AquaFluor was May 31st. The second AquaFluor application deadline is November 30th. We will continue the Instrument Donation Program on an annual basis.


New Case Studies: Real Data from Real Users!

We've just redesigned our new Case Studies webpage so interested users can learn how their peers are currently using Turner Designs instrumentation. The Case Studies webpage includes our entire line of laboratory and submersible sensors spanning multiple applications.

We take pride in the performance and reliability of our products and are committed to giving you the data and information you need to make good purchasing decisions and recognize the value in the use of optical instrumentation. If your project utilizes Turner Designs instruments and you are interested in submitting your story please fill out the application and take advantage of our promotion!



CDOM (Colored Dissolved Organic Material): Calibration and Performance Data

Colored or Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) is present in fresh or saltwater primarily due to the release of tannins (polyphenols that bind to proteins and other large molecules) or lignins (polymers of phenolic acids) by decaying plant material. CDOM may also be characterized as by-products from the decomposition of animals. Water color may range from pale yellow to brown as a result of varying concentrations and sources of CDOM. One of the most interesting and important characteristics of CDOM is fluorescence. Read more


Submersible Active Fluorescence: Interpreting the Yield (Fv/Fm)

From an ecological perspective, the quantum efficiency or yield (Fv/Fm), along with other parameters, can be used to determine how much solar energy can be converted to fixed carbon. The yield is a parameter that describes how well phytoplankton can assimilate light or photosynthesize. Aquatic researchers can use this information to evaluate the health of ecosystems and associated variables that indirectly or directly affect phytoplankton physiology in both marine and freshwater systems. Active fluorescence parameters (Fo, Fm , Fv, yield) can be collected and interpreted for baseline data, as a comparative tool or as an early sign of system change. Read more


Detecting Oil in Water

Crude oil, which is also called Petroleum, is found beneath the earth's surface where it was formed millions of years ago by natural processes. Crude oil is present in the environment as either oil in water (emulsions) or dissolved oil in water (molecular). The detection of crude oil is a parameter that managers, researchers and consultants continue to add to their suite of measurements taken during environmental monitoring projects. Read more


Optical Brighteners

Optical Brighteners (OBAs) are primarily added to laundry soaps, detergents, and cleaning agents for the purpose of brightening fabrics and/or surfaces. Laundry wastewater is the largest contributor of OBAs to wastewater systems because it retains a large portion of dissolved OBAs. Water municipalities and researchers are evaluating OBA concentrations in lakes, rivers, and coastal ocean to determine the efficiency of wastewater treatment protocols and wastewater systems. Read more


New Trilogy Development Kit

fluorometerTurner Designs has recently launched the Trilogy Development Kit. The kit was designed for users requiring the flexibility of filters and LED's in one optical module. The kit includes one module, four LED's, five specified filters, and the necessary tools to assemble the module. Please contact our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to inquire about the Trilogy Development Kit.


Tom's Corner

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Question:
Our company has just purchased a Trilogy and Chlorophyll a acidification module. The measurements made by the Trilogy are non-linear and erratic. What should we check? Also, we are using the glass vials with screw tops. What are the recommended volumes of sample and acid in relation to the vial size?

If the Trilogy module is not properly seated, it will make erratic readings. Turn the system power off before the Trilogy optical module is installed. When the module is properly installed it should appear level with the surrounding surface area. Refer to the illustrations below.

fluorometer fluorometer

The 12 x 35mm vials (Part Number 7200-938) will hold 2mL of liquid. The minimum volume required for an accurate fluorometric measurement is 1.5mL. If the sample volume is 1.5mL, you could use 15uL of acid. This would make a 1% acid solution. The amount of acid added is not absolute. For instance, if the amount of acid added is increased, the time that the sample is allowed to acidify will decrease. Samples with 1% acid should be allowed at least 90 seconds before a measurement is made.


Upcoming Events

4th Annual U.S. HAB Symposium, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Massachusetts, October 29th - November 1st
Turner Designs will be presenting performance data on the new C6 Multi-Sensor Platform and the Submersible Active Fluorometer. The conference will be held at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Estuarine Research Federation 2007, Providence, Rhode Island, November 5th - 9th

Turner Designs will be exhibiting at ERF this fall. In addition to exhibiting we will also be providing hands on demonstrations of the PhytoFlash and C6 Multi-Sensor Platform.
The conference will be held at the Providence Civic Center, Rhode Island.


Turner Designs Knowledge Database

Don't forget to check out our Knowledge Database. It is a robust search engine if you have technical questions about Turner Designs' products or applications. To access the Turner Designs KDB click on the link below.

Your feedback and input are not only welcome but also essential in continually improving our KDB. Therefore, please feel free to use the Add case link at the bottom of the main screen to submit ideas for future articles or suggest inclusion of information you feel would be of interest. Also the Feedback link provides a means to contact the technical support team on any question you may have regarding Turner Designs products or services.



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