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Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer

Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer

A ‘Natural’ Experiment in Santa Monica Bay, California: Potential Changes in the Microbial Loop in Response to Anthropogenic Nutrient Input

Author Jayme Smith, Alyssa Gellene, Curtis Cash, Mas Dojiri, and David A. Caron

University of Southern California, City of Los Angeles Environmental Monitoring Division
Santa Monica Bay, CA USA



Bacterivory Enhances the Phototrophic Capabilities of an Obligate Phototrophic Ochromonas sp. (Chrysophyta)

Author Alle A.Y. Lie, Zhenfeng Liu, Ramon Terrado, Avery O. Tatters, Karla B. Heidelberg, David A. Caron

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA USA



Discovery Passage Plankton Monitoring and Juvenile Salmon Assessment 2009

Author Elan Downey, Dr. Alexandra Eaves, Dr.Sonja Saksida

BC Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences, Campbell River, B.C

Benchtop Fluorometry of Phycocyanin as a Rapid Approach for Estimating Cyanobacterial Biovolume

Author Alan Wilson

National Science Foundation & School of Fisheries at Auburn University



Conducting Research in the Arctic using the Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer

Author Jolie Gareis

Aurora Research Institute
Inuvik, NT, Canada


Extracted Chlorophyll a

Estimation of inorganic nutrients comparing Turner Designs Trilogy with absorbance modules to a Bran & Luebbe Auto Analyzer

Author Al Marchi

Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies
Tiburon, California, USA