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Turner Designs News - Vol. 24 March 2012
 Reliable Instruments for an Unreliable World

Wow! Turner Designs celebrated our 40th anniversary on February 18, 2012. We are proud to continue offering great instruments to a wonderful customer base after 40 years of business. Thank you to all our customers for keeping us strong after many years together.

We’re very excited to continue increasing our product offerings this month by introducing a 6000 meter version of our very popular Cyclops-7. We designed a new housing and new optical heads to ensure the Cyclops-6K remains sealed under extreme pressure.  Rigorous testing confirmed the 6000 meter depth rating and sensitivity specifications.

Best Regards,
Pam Mayerfeld

VP of Marketing & Sales
In the Spotlight

Cyclops-6K Submersible Sensor for 6000 meters
The Cyclops-6K is presently available for Chlorophyll, Crude Oil, and CDOM detection with more optical configurations coming soon. The reinforced Titanium housing and specialized optical heads allow the Cyclops-6K to reach depths of up to 6000 meters.  Offering the same low power requirements, high performance, and long-term stability as the Cyclops-7, the Cyclops-6K is designed with system integration in mind. Its analog output is easily integrated into CTDs, ROVs, or AUVs to monitor the deepest parts of the ocean.  Similar to the Cyclops-7’s optoelectronics and circuitry, the Cyclops-6K provides an easy-to-use output format over the same connector type.  Learn more by completing a request for quote or contacting our Sales Team.

Not only has our engineering department been busy creating new products, but our marketing communications department created an all-new website. Thanks to your feedback, we upgraded to a more dynamic site which we hope you’ll find useful. We’re also starting to include videos on our website. So far we have two – Floating Fluorometer & in vivo Chlorophyll AquaFluor Qualitative Calibration. Suggestions for other videos are greatly appreciated and will give us an idea of the direction to take as we plan to create more, so please send us your requests.

Thank you again for your input. We’d love to hear if you like the new site. And please let us know if we’re missing something by completing our website feedback form.

Instruments in Action
Estimating dissolved organic carbon concentrations with CDOM measurements on the AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer
The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies is a non-profit research institute located in Millbrook, NY housing over 100 scientists and support staff. One of their work units, the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study, is assigned to the USDA Forest Service field laboratory at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest (HBEF) in N. Woodstock, New Hampshire. Don Buso, Manager of Field Research working in close conjunction with US Forest Service personnel, is responsible for the longest running small watershed ecosystem monitoring study in North America (50 years!). The HBEF has been set aside for research on all aspects of ecological study including ground-breaking work on forestry, water quality, and migratory birds. This is the site where Acid Rain was first identified as an environmental problem and the data from this relatively remote site has been used extensively to formulate national legislative direction regarding environmental pollution, such as the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. read more>>

PLANS, a NOAA B-WET Education Program that Partners Scientists, Teachers, and Students
ankton And Nutrient Studies for the Chesapeake Bay (PLANS) is a NOAA B-WET sponsored program designed to provide hands-on experience for Calvert County Public High School students by investigating nutrient enrichment/limitation, phytoplankton dynamics in the Chesapeake Bay, and the role that man plays in managing the Bay.  This project teams Morgan State University Estuarine Research Center (ERC) and the Society for Ocean Sciences researchers/educators with the Calvert County Public School System.  A distinctive strength of the program lies in the idea of scientists working directly with teachers and students on regionally important environmental issues.

The program consists of field, laboratory and classroom components.  The field part of the program is a cruise from the ERC facility into the Patuxent River for the Advanced Placement Environmental Science students from the four Calvert County, Maryland high schools.  These trips enable the students to get hands-on experience with the collection of data from a water quality vertical profile, light attenuation profile, and chlorophyll a profile.  These activities are followed by an interpretation of data that were collected.  The second portion of the cruise moves from the deep channel of the river into the shallow reaches of an oyster bar.  Here, an oyster dredge is towed and the contents analyzed for live/dead oysters and the associated catch. >>read more
New Products & Services

UV Solid Secondary Standard
Turner Designs now offers a UV Solid Secondary Standard for Cyclops-7 Submersible Fluorometers.  Solid standards provide a stable fluorescent signal which can be adjusted to a specific standard or sample’s fluorescence signal to create a calibration correlation. Once a correlation is established between the Solid Secondary Standard and a primary standard or sample, it can be used for future calibrations. The Solid Secondary Standard is primarily used as a stable reference signal for checking instrument stability and/or drift.  The UV Solid Secondary Standard (Stainless and Titanium sensor P/N 2100-904, Plastic sensor P/N 2100-905) can be used with Crude Oil, CDOM, Refined Fuels, or Optical Brightener optics.  Learn more by completing a request for pricing or contacting our Sales Team.


Real-time Mapping and Data Integration with the C3 Submersible Fluorometer
Whether you’re involved with a dye, algal, or coastal contamination study, data mapping is a powerful way to present and analyze your data. Quick and efficient visual indications of fluorescence, position and depth enable researchers to make real-time adjustments allowing for more precise, focused field-work and data collection. In order to facilitate real-time data collection, Turner Designs released the C-ray towed deployment body (P/N 2300-750) for the C3 Submersible Fluorometer.  The C-ray allows the C3 to be deployed alongside a moving vessel at a slow speed. A data cable running from the C3 fluorometer enables the user to measure real-time fluorescence, temperature and depth. These data can then be easily parsed with GPS data using the C-FINS ArcGIS module or other off-the-shelf solutions such as Windmill Data Acquisition Software. >>read more


Integration/Interface Adapter Cable
Turner Designs is pleased to introduce the new Integration/Interface Adapter Cable (P/N 2300-115) as a standard accessory included with C3 and C6 instruments. This cable works with the Computer Interface Cable (P/N 2200-150) allowing users to upload firmware to the instrument using the USB or to stream real-time digital (ASCII) data continuously using the RS232 plug.  Either plug can be used to communicate and configure the instrument. Due to the Computer Interface Cable's wiring configuration, we do not recommend using it for serial data output without this adapter cable. The Integration/Interface Adapter Cable eliminates the need to use the Integration Cable (P/N 2200-160 and 2200-165).  For more information on cabling for the C3, C6 and all Turner Designs instruments please refer to the Cable Guides or contact Technical Support.


C3 and C6 Integrator Firmware
Turner Designs announces the release of a new version of our Integrator Firmware. This firmware is designed for use by customers that are integrating their C3 or C6 with an external datalogger, CTD or similar system. The Integrator Firmware is different from the standard C3/C6 firmware and has some features that users need to consider before installing:

1) Internal datalogging is NOT possible with this version of firmware. The Integrator Firmware is intended for data output only.
2) The data output rate defined by this Integrator Firmware is 1 second and cannot be changed to reflect longer or shorter data output rates.
3) Once power is applied there is a 15 second delay before data output starts at a 1 second interval.
4) If the wiper is enabled, it will rotate the set number of rotations upon powering the instrument and every 5 minutes as long as power is continuously supplied.
5) Sleep mode is disabled; therefore as long as power is continuously supplied the instrument will continue to stream data at a 1 second interval.

        Download Firmware: Integrator Firmware Hex File - 2200-202-FW (0.031MB)

If you have any questions about whether this firmware is right for your application or other questions please contact Technical Support.


New Cyclops-7 Shade Cap Available
A new shade cap is available for Stainless Steel and Titanium versions of the Cyclops-7 Submersible Fluorometer. We recommend using the shade cap wherever ambient light could be an issue. The Shade Cap (P/N 2100-701) limits exposure to ambient light and also provides protection for the optics area. Learn more by completing a request for pricing or contacting our Sales Team.



Tech Corner

Integrating with Campbell Dataloggers
Turner Designs and Campbell Scientific worked together to help our customers easily integrate the C3 Submersible Fluorometer or C6 Multi-Sensor Platform with any of the CR800 or CR1000 series dataloggers. Simply follow the steps below to quickly set up your datalogger and begin data logging:

1) Download the .txt file that pertains to your datalogger series (see links below)
2) Upload that file to your Campbell Datalogger
3) Run the program using your Campbell Datalogger
4) Enable the 'Data Output Ready Mode' on our instrument (this will allow streaming of ASCII data at the set sample interval)
5) Plug our instrument into the datalogger and watch data stream or capture data using your datalogger

(NOTE: Be sure to use the 'Integration Cable' or 'Integration/Interface Adapter Cable' to plug our C3 Submersible Fluorometer or C6 Multi-Sensor Platform into your datalogger; using the Standard Interface Cable may result in the loss of data or inability to communicate with your datalogger)

      For CR800 Series Campbell Dataloggers: (0.001MB)
      For CR1000 Series Campbell Dataloggers: (0.001MB)


Coming Soon - FAQ’s Online
As many of you may have noticed the Knowledge Database is missing from our new website. We are in the process of converting all that information into more useful Frequently Asked Question sections. This is an on-going process to provide updated pertinent advice to help answer customer questions and concerns. Please keep a lookout on our website under the Customer Care menu for updates and feel free to submit questions to our Technical Support Team.

General Announcements
New Student Travel Stipend Award Program
Turner Designs is excited to announce we are now granting travel stipend awards to students who present a paper or poster referencing their use of Turner Designs equipment. This opportunity is separate from our instrument donation program which will continue to award AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer/Turbidimeters biannually in July and December.

Free Shipping Continues

We’re happy to announce that we will continue to offer free ground shipping on all orders >$500 within the continental US through 2012. To request a quote please visit our website.

Instrument Recycling Program
Turner Designs is in the business of designing and selling products that benefit the well-being of our environment.  Accordingly, we are concerned with preserving the surroundings wherever our instruments are used and happy to work with customers to reduce the environmental impact resulting from the use of our products.

To arrange the return of an end-of-life product, proceed as follows:
- If you purchased your instrument through a Turner Designs Distributor please contact your  local representative. They will instruct you where to return the end-of-life product.

- If you purchased your instrument directly from Turner Designs please contact Turner Designs Customer Service
            By Phone: 1-408-212-4041 or Toll Free: (877) 316.8049
            Email: Complete an online WEEE Return Request Form

- Turner Designs will provide a WEEE RMA Number, a Shipping Account Number, and a Ship to Address. Package and ship the product back to Turner Designs.

The product will be dealt with per Turner Designs’ end-of-life recycling program in an environmentally friendly way.

Upcoming Events

National Water Quality Council Monitoring Conference 2012- view website
Portland, Oregon, USA
Oregon Convention Center - Booth# TBD
April 30 - May 4, 2012

ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting - view website
Otsu, Shiga, Japan
Lake Biwa - Booth# TBD
July 8-13, 2012

Oceans 2012 MTS/IEEE - view website
Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA
Virginia Beach Convention Center - Booth# 1628
October 14-19, 2012

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