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fluorometer Absorbance Module Used to Detect Inorganic Nitrate

The Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer not only has fluorescence capabilities, but can also detect turbidity and absorbance! Also we've recently released the Nitrate Absorbance Module designed to detect inorganic nitrate and fluorometernitrite using the standard reactive nitrate/nitrite method adapted from Strickland and Parsons, "A Practical Handbook of Seawater Analysis". Now researchers can use wet chemistry techniques and read absorbance measurements on their Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer. Inorganic Phosphate, Ammonia and Silicate modules are also available!

fluorometer 10-AU Maintenance Plan

fluorometerThe unique and robust design of the 10-AU Rugged Field Fluorometer has allowed this system to be used in the most extreme environments all across the planet. Turner Designs is now offering a 10-AU maintenance plan that will evaluate and replace major electrical and mechanical components that will ensure your system is ready for many more years of use. A two-year extended warranty will also be included in the maintenance plan!
*Optical components will be evaluated but not replaced under the maintenance plan.
*Allow 6 weeks for delivery of refurbished unit.
*International shipping not included
If you are interested in the 10-AU Maintenance Plan please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

PhytoFlash Active Fluorometer

The PhytoFlash is a patented solid-state submersible active fluorometer designed to detect minimum fluorescence (Fo), maximum fluorescence (Fm), and quantum efficiency (Fv/Fm or yield) of phytoplankton. These data can be determined during extended deployments, CTD profiles, or in the laboratory.

Performance Data:


Copper sulfate (CuSO4) was used to inhibit photosynthesis in a green alga (Dunaliella) culture to demonstrate how yield is affected by "impacted" systems. Yield was evaluated using the PhytoFlash active fluorometer. Measurements were taken at 1-minute intervals over a 50-minute period for two sub-samples, a control and an experimental sample. 100 mM CuSO4 was added to the experimental sample at the 4-minute mark.

C6 Multi-Sensor Platform Designed to Integrate up to Six Turner Designs Submersible
Cyclops-7 Sensors

The submersible C6 Multi-Sensor Platform was designed for extended or short-term deployments. Each C6 comes with a factory installed temperature andpressure sensor and a depth rating of 600 meters.
The C6 Windows™ based user interface allows for fluorometerintuitive calibration, data logging, and data management.

Optical Sensors:
• Chlorophyll a
• Freshwater blue green algae (phycocyanin)
• Marine blue green algae (phycoerythrin)
• Rhodamine WT dye
• Fluorescein dye
• Turbidity
• Optical brighteners
• Oil
• Custom optics also available
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