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PhytoFlash™ Submersible Active Fluorometer

PhytoFlash™ is an in situ Submersible Active Fluorometer that can be used to determine the quantum efficiency of phytoplankton in both oligotrophic and mesotrophic environments. The PhytoFlash™ is distinct from other variable fluorescence instruments on the market in that it is the first solid-state instrument capable of variable fluorescence measurements on natural concentrations of phytoplankton. The solid-state platform allows for a much wider range of uses due to the small size, power efficiency, more stable components, and lower price point.

Product Highlights:
  • Real time in situ measurement of phytoplankton photosynthetic parameters
  • Operate in three different modes
    • Integrate with a CTD
    • Self-contained with internal datalogging
    • Laboratory mode
  • Extended battery life - 30 second intervals for over 35 days
  • Large internal data logging memory - 10,000 points

  • sm-WEEE-web

• Indicator of nutrient status
• Precursor for the onset of harmful algae blooms
• Oceanographic, estuarine, limnological and riverine studies
Active Fluorescence

Available Optics
Blue (algae)