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Real-time Mapping and Data Integration with the C3 Submersible Fluorometer

Whether you’re involved with a dye, algal, or coastal contamination study, data mapping is a powerful way to present and analyze your data. Quick and efficient visual indications of fluorescence, position and depth enable researchers to make real-time adjustments allowing for more precise, focused field-work and data collection. In order to facilitate real-time data collection, Turner Designs released the C-ray towed deployment body (P/N 2300-750) for the C3 Submersible Fluorometer.  The C-ray allows the C3 to be deployed alongside a moving vessel at a slow speed. A data cable running from the C3 fluorometer enables the user to measure real-time fluorescence, temperature and depth. These data can then be easily parsed with GPS data using the C-FINS ArcGIS module or other off-the-shelf solutions such as Windmill Data Acquisition Software. If you already own a C3 fluorometer, Turner Designs provides the ArcGIS module for C-FINS at no cost - Download it from our website.

Real-Time data, without GPS location data, can also be captured and viewed using Turner Designs C-Soft, standard with every C3 Submersible Fluorometer. C-Soft allows the operator to view the waveform or the raw values in numeric form as they are being saved to a file on the PC desktop. The C-FINS package adds the GPS location data (via ArcGIS) to the visual data that can be captured in real time.  The images below illustrate the powerful way the data can come to life as the concentration levels are presented in a visual format.

More information on the C3 Submersible Fluorometer and C-FINS program can be found here.  Please contact our sales department for additional product information.


  • Author: Tom Brumett
Turner Designs