Cyclops-6K Submersible Sensors

Cyclops-6K™ enables fluorescence detection to ocean depths of 6000 meters. Reinforced Titanium housing and a specialized optical head ensure sensor integrity at extreme pressures. The LED excitation source allows for low power consumption and excellent signal stability enabling long-term deployments. The introduction of the Cyclops-6K gives researchers a new, affordable tool for deep ocean exploration.

Designed for Integration
The Cyclops-6K integrates easily with any third-party platform that supplies power and datalogging.

Product Highlights:
  • 6000 meter depth

  • Reinforced Titanium housing

  • Easily integrates with CTDs, ROVs, AUVs

  • Small size

  • Low power consumption

  • Excellent turbidity rejection

  • Affordable price/excellent value

  • Explorer enables various lab applications

Accessories & Spare Parts