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August 20, 2018

Parameters: Chlorophyll

Congratulations to Carolina Gutierrez who was awarded a Travel Stipend for her presentation at the 2018 Ecological Society of America Conference featuring our AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer.


Background/Question/Methods Organismal traits determine how species perform and contribute to ecosystem functioning. Functional diversity quantifies the value and range of the traits that influence species performance and contribution to ecosystem functioning. Functional diversi...

June 15, 2018

Parameters: Ammonium

Congratulations to Keely MacNeil who was awarded a travel stipend for her presentation "N:P as driver of As retention" at the ASLO Summer Meeting 2018 featuring our AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer.


Arsenic (As), a toxic trace element, can be taken into cells in place of phosphorus (P) and decouple phosphorylation, hindering energy production. Organisms take up more As when P is low, and our research shows that microbial As uptake depends on relative nitrogen (N:P), not...

June 15, 2017

Parameters: Ammonium

Congratulations to Eric Moody who was awarded a travel stipend for his presentation “From Farms to Fish Pee: Agricultural Growth Alters the Stoichiometry of Nutrient Recycling by a Desert Fish” at the 2017 Society for Freshwater Science Annual Meeting featuring our AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer.  
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Author: Eric Moody

Institution: Arizona State University, Coahuila, Mexico

March 31, 2004

Parameters:  Chlorophyll

Author(s) and Year Published: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), March (2004)
Journal article was published in: EPA

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