The C-ray is a submersible glider that houses the C3 and is designed for shallow water (0-50 meters) research. This submersible glider allows researchers to collect horizontal profiling data and combine those data with GPS data in an effort to map the fluorophore(s) of interest for an area of water.

C-ray Package Includes
- C-ray Submersible Glider (1)
- Fluorometer Retaining Pins (2)
- Locking Pins (3)
- Shackle (1)
- Shackle Retaining Pin (1)
- Shackle Locking Nut (1) 

Required Parts & Accessories NOT included in C-ray Package
- C-ray Shade Cap (P/N 2300-502)
- C3 Submersible Fluorometer


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C-ray Towed Deployment Body

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