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Optical Kits

10-037R* Chlorophyll Optical Kit (In-Vivo & Extractive Measurement)
10-040R* Chlorophyll a Optical Kit (Extractive Measurement)

10-096R* Chlorophyll Optical Kit (In-Vivo Measurement)
10-041R Rhodamine WT Optical Kit
10-086R Fluorescein Optical Kit
10-301R Short Wavelength (Refined) Oil Optical Kit
10-302R Long Wavelength (Crude) Oil Optical Kit
10-303 Ammonium/CDOM Optical Kit
10-304 Phycoerythrin Optical Kit
10-305 Phycocyanin Optical Kit
10-306 Optical Brighteners Optical Kit
10-307R Turbidity Optical Kit - View Installation Instructions


*Red PMT Instrument Required for Chlorophyll


Optics Optical Kits include excitation and emission filters, two lamps and attenuator plate when required.

View our Optical Specification Guide

Optical Kits

SKU: 10AU-Optics
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