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AquaFlash Handheld Active Fluorometer Software
Download Utilities Softwae

Please feel free to contact Technical Support should you have any questions about any of the downloads or instructions below. 

Download Utilities Software

The Download Utilities Software is a simple program written specifically for AquaFlash to help users easily download data from the instrument.  This software is an alternative method for downloading data as any terminal program can also be used to download data from the AquaFlash once properly configured.  The Download Utilities Software installs quickly and is designed to work with all Microsoft computers (Mac version not available).  Simply install the software, set the appropriate COM port, designate where to save data, and send stored data from the AquaFlash to the designated file.  Data may be appended to existing files and all files are saved as *.csv which can be opened with either Microsoft Excel or viewed as text in Notepad.  This software can only be used with the AquaFlash and will not receive data from any other instrumentation. 

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