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MultiProbes Available from Some of Our Partners

HYDROLAB HL7 - Sold by Hach

The HYDROLAB HL7 multiparameter sonde offers a versatile, durable and practical solution to the day to day needs of monitoring programs for both simple and complex deployments. With a large sensor suite, it is able to thrive in demanding environmental conditions for long term continuous and profile monitoring. Bio-fouling is minimized when equipped with the central cleaning brush and performance is maximized with an advanced power management system. It helps customers correctly log data autonomously and easily integrate into real time telemetry systems. The Hydrolab HL7 can be equipped with a range of the Turner Designs Cyclops-7F sensors.

Visit Hach website for more information


Manta - sold by Eureka Water Probes

The Manta+ family offers six (6) different sizes of multiprobes with up to 12 sensors in one integrated package. Available sensors include temperature, optical DO, pH, ORP, conductivity, depth, level, turbidity as well as fluorometers including chlorophyll, phycocyanin, phycoerythrin, CDOM/FDOM, rhodamine, fluorescein, crude oil, refined fuel, optical brighteners, tryptophan, and Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE’s) including ammonium, nitrate, sodium, calcium, bromide, chloride and more. All Mantas are submersible to 200m.

Visit Eureka website for more information


RBRconcerto - sold by RBR

RBR integrates the Turner Designs sensors onto a variety of single-channel, multi-parameter, and CTD loggers for long-term monitoring and vertical profiles in oceans, coastal seas, and lakes. The RBRconcerto³ C.T.D measures conductivity, temperature and depth, and can integrate many of the Turner Designs sensors. A wiper can be provided to remove biofouling from the optical sensors for long-term deployments.

Visit RBR website for more information


Metrec•X - sold by AML Oceanographic

Expand monitoring timelines and collect higher quality data while reducing maintenance costs. Whether deploying for a couple minutes or a couple years, real-time, multiparameter sondes Metrec•X and Metrec•XL provide consistent data for the duration. For in-situ applications, AML's UV•Xchange™ removes both the technical and financial unpredictability brought on by biofouling. Turner Designs Cyclops-7F sensors install directly onto the sondes for a seamless integration of two proven solutions. 

Visit AML website for more information


SAMBAT - sold by NKE

SAMBAT is an Autonomous Multiparameter Probe with Brush and Teletransmission of data. This equipment is used to measure and record during several months the main physicochemical water parameters (to be chosen): conductivity for the calculation of salinity, temperature, depth, turbidity, Chlorophyll a, Phycocyanin, Phycoerythrin, dissolved oxygen, pH, Redox, and the detection of hydrocarbons. SAMBAT uses a wiper to protect optical sensors from biofouling.

Visit NKE website for more information


CTDs - sold by Sea & Sun Technology

CTD Probes from Sea & Sun Technology are high quality, high accuracy probes for oceanographic and limnological measurement of conductivity, temperature, pressure, fluorometer, oxygen and other parameters for depth up to 6000m

Visit Sea & Sun Technology website for more information


OCEAN SEVEN 3xx series of full-ocean (700 bar) multi-parameter CTDs measures Pressure, Temperature, Conductivity, pH, Dissolved oxygen and connects to any one Turner Designs Cyclops 7F or C-FLUOR sensors, providing data in real time or recording it in the internal data memory (up to 8 Gbyte).

Visit IDRONAUT website for more information

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