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Remote Monitoring Solutions Available from Some of Our Partners
innovasea-aquaMeasue POD

aquaMeasure POD - sold by innovasea

The aquaMeasure POD is a compact, rugged wireless sensor that connects to a range of Cyclops-7F submersible sensors (BG Algae, CDOM/FDOM, Chlorophyll, Turbidity). The aquaMeasure POD can be used as part of a complete realtime monitoring system or as a stand-alone logger that can be managed via your smart phone. Designed with a focus on your data, the aquaMeasure POD combines underwater communications with cloud-sync technology, delivering a user experience that is both intuitive and unique. 

Visit innovasea website for more information


MantaLink Remote – sold by Eureka Water Probes

MantaLink Remote offers a simple and cost effective platform for remote monitoring of Manta+ multiprobes – plus other SDI-12 sensors. The cell modem based system includes prepaid data and web hosting (for the first year) with an easy to use interface for real-time data as well as alerts. 

Visit Eureka website for more information

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