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Returns & Repairs

If you are outside the continental United States and purchased from an authorized Turner Designs distributor, please contact that distributor - view distributor list here.  If you purchased directly from Turner Designs please complete the form below.

All returns must have prior written Return Material Authorization (RMA). Please do not return an item to us without prior verbal or written authorization.  A representative will contact you within 1-2 business days regarding your request. 

Return Requests: Please complete the form below to request return authorization before returning an item.  All returns are subject to a 35% restocking fee.  Returns are not accepted for custom parts, configured parts, consumable items or blanket purchase orders.     

Repair Requests
You may be requested to perform suggested modifications or tests as recommended by the representative. Often the problem is a relatively simple one that you can solve yourself with our direction. If it is determined by the Turner Designs service representative that the instrument should be returned for repair, a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number will be assigned. If out of warranty, a fixed repair price will be quoted.  Fixed repair rates are for instruments that have normal wear. We reserve the right to quote a different rate for instruments with extensive damage or for changing optical kits.

Due to material obsolescence, we are only able to repair AquaFluors starting with SN 800800.

Due to material obsolescence, we are only able to repair Trilogy Fluorometers starting from Model 7200-002.

Cyclops repairability is determined by a case-by-case basis, please contact a representative for more information. 

Due to material obsolescence, we are not able to repair 10AUs and other discontinued instruments. For a full list of discontinued instruments, refer to Fluorometers & Fluorescence Sensors | Turner Designs | United States

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