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Single Sensor Packages Available from Some of Our Partners

Cyclops-7 Logger - Sold by Precision Measurement Engineering

The Cyclops-7 Logger connects to one Turner Designs Cyclops-7F sensor at a time. PME offers a fixed sensor version as well as an interchangeable sensor version. The logger records measurements internally at a variety of possible sample rates. Data are offloaded from the logger to a computer via a standard USB cable. The logger is completely self-contained and waterproof. Internal power allows the logger to operate for roughly 28,000 samples

Visit PME website for more information


Trimeter – Sold by Eureka Water Probes

The Trimeter™ incorporates any one Turner Designs Cyclops-7F sensor plus optional depth and/or temperature measurements.  Internal-logged data can be offloaded via underwater cable or Bluetooth connectivity using the Leapfrog Bluetooth Battery.  Trimeter is submersible to 200m.

Visit Eureka website for more information


miniWIPER for Cyclops-7 Logger - Sold by Precision Measurement Engineering

The miniWIPER is a self-contained, completely submersible, wiping device that can be used with a variety of sensors. It can be programmed to wipe at various intervals and is powered from two AA Lithium batteries. A small brush rotates over the sensor performing a complete wipe of the sensor surface and then rests away from the sensor allowing for accurate and continuous monitoring. The wiper is an anti-fouling device preventing various organisms from growing on the sensor and interfering with data.

Visit PME website for more information

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