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C-FLUOR Submersible Probes
C-Fluor Probe
C-FLUOR Submersible Probe
Cyclops-7 Logger

C-FLUOR Submersible Probes

C-FLUOR  are sensitive, extremely low power single wavelength in situ fluorescence and turbidity probes available in several optical configurations spanning a broad range of applications.  Factory-calibrated, each C-FLUOR ships with a calibration certificate used to convert the output signal to a specific concentration estimate.  The Titanium construction allows for a depth rating of 2,000 meters as well as superior resistance to corrosion.  Analog C-FLUOR Probes are pin-compatible with Cyclops Sensors so they are easily integrated into many of the same third-party systems that accept 0-5V signal.  Digital C-FLUOR Probes can be integrated with dataloggers that accept ASCII data strings.

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