C-FLUOR Submersible Probes Software & Firmware

Please feel free to contact Technical Support should you have any questions about any of the downloads or instructions below. 

Digital C-FLUOR Software

Digital C-FLUOR software offers intuitive functions that can be used to configure and program your instrument for deployment.  The Digital C-FLUOR RS-232 Programming Kit (P/N 2120-900) is required for software use.  Although all Digital C-FLUOR Probes are factory calibrated, users who would like to custom calibrate their probes can take advantage of the calibration function, only available via Digital C-FLUOR Software, to set site specific calibration values that may increase accuracy of estimates.  The Probe can also be reset to factory calibration using software only.  The Digital C-FLUOR Software offers an easy way for customers to quickly configure and program their probes for deployment.    


Explorer Software & Firmware

The Explorer is a simple lab based tool that interfaces with your C-FLUOR allowing you to analyze samples, perform functional checks, determine instrument limits, and become familiar with how to use your C-FLUOR probe using intuitive software that can be downloaded directly from Turner Designs’ website. The Explorer can also be used for more detailed analyses such as growth rate determination of algal cultures, estimating dye concentrations, and exploring physical, chemical, or biological effects on fluorescence properties of materials or organisms.