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Submersible Fluorometers & Sensors


Laboratory Fluorometers

Our diverse range of submersible instrumentation includes single-channel fluorometers and multi-channel fluorometers available for detection of parameters such as chlorophyll, fluorescent dye tracing, blue-green algae (phycocyanin and phycoerythrin), crude oil, refined fuels, tryptophan, CDOM, optical brighteners, turbidity and pCO2.  Many system integrators choose our sensors for use in their loggers, CTDs, vehicles and other remote monitoring solutions.  Learn more about some of our integration partners here

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Our laboratory fluorometer is configurable for parameters ranging from absorbance, fluorescence or turbidity.  A simple change of  snap-in module allows for numerous application possibilities without the requirement of purchasing additional instrumentation.  

Handheld & Field
Field & Handheld Fluorometers

We offer several pocket-sized handheld fluorometers available for quick field measurements of turbidity or fluorescence.  We also offer handheld fluorometers for early identification of harmful algal blooms (HABs) as well as estimations of total chlorophyll and photosynthetic efficiency "health" of algae using in vivo fluorescence detection. 


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Ballast Water Compliance
Ballast Water Indicative Compliance

The inadvertent introduction of invasive aquatic species to coastal waters when discharging ballast water cause both ecological and economic damage.  Regulations are now established specifying low levels of viable organisms and how to detect them before releasing ballast water.  We developed the Ballast-Check 2 Handheld Fluorometer for quick indicative compliance checks in the field. 

Cooling Water & Boilers
Cooling Water & Boiler Applications

Fluorometers are commonly used in chemical dosing control systems of cooling towers and boilers.  Our handheld and in-line fluorometers, available with optical options for fluorescein dye and/or PTSA dye, can be used to monitor and control industrial processes as an easy way to improve quality and service, increase efficiency, and reduce operating costs.  

Online Controllers - available for purchase directly from our partners
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