FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer

FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer

FluoroSense™ is a small, lightweight, highly durable handheld fluorometer ideal for quick in situ field measurements. Extremely simple to operate, FluoroSense displays results within seconds. Factory-calibrated for a linear range of 0-199 µg/L, the only maintenance required is simply rinsing after use. Available in two optical configurations, chlorophyll and phycocyanin (PC), FluoroSense can assist with identification of PC-containing algae typically associated with Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs). Obtaining both PC and chlorophyll estimates helps in determining whether additional testing is required to check toxicity levels in a body of water. 

FluoroSense is the only portable, handheld field fluorometer on the market with an LCD displaying the measurements while the optics are submerged. Other similar meters either require an external display or require sample collection which requires training, is more time consuming, risks sample contamination, and creates excess waste (sampling bottles/containers). FluoroSense is a single-device solution with no need for peripheral instrumentation (probes) or additional calculations. 

Product Highlights:
  • Dustproof, waterproof, highly durable

  • Small size easily fits in shirt or jacket pocket

  • >10,000 measurements per AA battery set

  • One-button operation

  • Low maintenance


How to calibrate the FluoroSense

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