Turbidity Plus Submersible Sensor

Turbidity Plus with Integrated Wiper

Turbidity Plus™ is an accurate single-channel turbidity sensor with an integrated, user-controlled wiper motor. It is designed for integration with multiparameter systems and dataloggers from which it receives power and wiper motor triggers at user-defined intervals. Turbidity Plus is available in 2 linear ranges up to 500 or 3,000 NTU with minimum detection limits of 0.05 or 0.5 NTU respectively.  It delivers a voltage response proportional to the turbidity of the sample which can be correlated to nephelometric turbidity unit (NTU) concentrations by calibrating the sensor using AMCO Clear Turbidity Standards. Deployable to 200 meters, Turbidity Plus is available in a variety of configurations to facilitate integration. 

Product Highlights:
  • Integrated Wiper Package

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Wide range of detection

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I correct my readings with the Turbidity Plus for changes in temperature?

Turbidity Plus’s voltage response will change as temperature fluctuates. Although, there is no temperature compensation built into the Turbidity Plus, the equation below can be used to correct for changes in temperature to increase data accuracy. ​​ Vtc = [(Ts – Tr) * (-0.0045 mV/Deg C)] + (Vs – Vblk)

Vtc is the blank & temp corrected voltage
Vblk is the blank response in voltage
Vs is the sample’s response in voltage
Ts is the sample’s temperature in degrees C
Tr is the reference temperature (temp when the probe was calibrated) in degree C

If calibration occurs at 25°C and then the sample temperature is at 30°C, the following calculation would determine the voltage response.

Calibrated Blank measures = 0.5 mV @ 25° C
Calibrated Signal measures = 10.5 mV @ 25° C
Vtc = [(30° C - 25° C) * (-0.0045 mV / Deg C)] + (10.5 mV – 0.5 mV)
Vtc = 9.9775 mV @ 30° C

What calibration standards are recommended for Turbidity Plus?

8506 - Amco Clear Turbidity Standard, 10 NTU 8507 - Amco Clear Turbidity Standard, 100 NTU 8620 - Amco Clear Turbidity Standard, 1,000 NTU 8621 - Amco Clear Turbidity Standard, 3,000 NTU Available at www.gfschemicals.com

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