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AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer
Field Portable fluorometer
Field Portable fluorometer

AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer/Turbidimeter

AquaFluor® is a lightweight, inexpensive, handheld fluorometer/turbidimeter ideal for field use. Its small size and durability make the AquaFluor perfect for the user who needs quick measurements away from the laboratory. Dual-channel capability allows users to measure fluorescence and turbidity in one sample. While small in size, performance has not been compromised. 

Product Highlights:
  • Dual channels allow for quick toggling between two applications

  • Dustproof and waterproof, it even floats!

  • Five-point plus blank calibration for increased accuracy

  • 12 bit resolution

  • Operates using AAA batteries for >1,000 measurements per set

  • 5 second warm up

  • Low maintenance field fluorometer 

  • Concentration displayed for each measurement

Technical Documentation

Fluorometer calibration with liquid
primary standards

Fluorometer Qualitative Calibration:
In Vivo Chlorophyll


Using a Fluorometer To Detect Optic Brighteners In Water Quality Samples

Lightweight, water-tight and easy-to-use field fluorometer

Accessories & Spares
Accessories & Spare Parts

Cuvettes, Test Tubes & Adapters