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New AquaFluor firmware enables multi-point calibrations

We are excited to announce new AquaFluor firmware which allows users to calibrate with up to 5 calibration standards providing more accurate estimates than the previous calibration which used a single standard and a blank. The new firmware also calculates the slope and fit resulting from a linear regression through the calibration points. The slope is used to convert fluorescence to concentration estimates; fit is a measure of the linear correlation between the standards measured and their respective responses, equivalent to a Pearson Correlation Coefficient. Concentration units are now shown on the AquaFluor display for each measurement. Aside from the calibration menu and a few other submenus related to the calibration procedure, AquaFluor functions remain unchanged.

If customers like these changes and want to update older units, we can arrange that service. Please contact Sales if interested in doing this.

All new AquaFluors will include the new firmware.

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